Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Memory of My Mums

My favorite thing about September has got to be mums. They are so beautiful. I always go to painstaking lengths to make sure that I have a variety of them planted to compliment my landscaping throughout the remainder of the season. I’ve not had a lot of time to work on my flowers at all this year but I made sure to carve out time to give plenty of time to plant some mums. After several hours of pulling weeds and rearranging I had an assortment of them and a variety of flowers that I was very proud of. All of this work was smashed into a clump a few days later in a lot less time than it took to make them so beautiful. The day started out well enough. I sat out on my porch drinking my morning coffee, feeling the breeze, and admiring my flowers. How pretty they were. I then decided I saw a weed that had to be pulled right then, that minute. It couldn’t wait. So I proceeded to get up and started to walk off the porch. I was wearing five inch wedge shoes that are not practical at all, which I can’t let go of in a desperate attempt at holding on to my youth. I always have to concentrate on my walking in them. Well I apparently forgot this fact and took off of the porch rather abruptly. My foot then snapped under me at a sharp ninety degree angle and I fell off the steps that lead off of my porch and landed in my nice pretty flowers. It probably wouldn’t have been so bad had I not tried to jump up quickly out of embarrassment so that none of my neighbors who happened to be out in their yards would notice me. When I did jump up so soon I immediately fell back into the same patch of flowers just as quickly because my foot which had just been forced into a position no foot should be in went completely out when I put pressure on it. This gave my beautiful flowers yet another crushing blow, destroying what had been missed in the previous fall several seconds prior. I’m trying to salvage what I can of them but I think it’s a lost cause. My shoes however survived the trauma. They managed to avoid damage by landing in the cushioning of my mums I guess. I don’t even know why I was worried about making my neighbors laugh. They laughed hard enough a week prior when I was taking the luggage rack off of my Jeep. I decided to take it off to get what tiny percentage more I could manage to get out of my gas mileage. When I finally got all of the screws and brackets off I jerked with just a tad too much force and lost my footing, fell off of the kitchen chair I was standing on along with the luggage rack which promptly popped me in the face as soon as we landed. At least I can say I wasn’t standing on the chair in five inch wedges.