Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pondering the existence of a "soul mate"

I wonder if people really do have a soul mate. That one person that will compliment your life in ways you never anticipated it being complimented. I’ve never felt like I have met someone who could fit that bill for me and I don’t think I’m the only person who hasn’t. Sure I’ve been in love before but the whole time I knew that they were not who I considered to be my Prince Charming. Never a love so strong I felt as if I would take a bullet for them, that if they were gone from my life I would stop breathing. Some people never meet that one person they completely mesh with. They may marry and grow old with someone and they may in fact love them but they essentially just settled, holding true to the engrained belief that truly meeting the love of your life and having them captivate your heart is the stuff of fairy tales. Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn’t. Personally I’ve never met anyone that took my breath away the instant I first saw them, knowing from the moment that I locked eyes with them from across a crowded room that this was it. I have never felt like I was missing anything because of this and I’ve never felt particularly envious of those that had experienced those feelings. Honestly I have only crossed paths with a few people who have experienced this. The majority met their spouses in high school or college then went through the motions expected of marriage and children, watching them grow and leave the nest and then diligently watching their 401k until retirement. My older friends are currently at the retirement phase, my young friends are at the beginning of the journey but it’s essentially going to be the same resolution at the end. This doesn’t seem like living life to the fullest. I think that I would rather have just one day with someone that gave me the feelings described above; realizing that they were the one and no one would ever touch my life in that way again. Even if it was just for that one day, it would be better than spending a lifetime going through the motions expected by society with someone that may love me more than anything but they just aren’t that magic piece of the puzzle that is my life.