Monday, August 18, 2008

Yet another blonde moment.

Yet another "Blonde" moment
I decided I wanted to move my television to the corner of my living room. This in itself was going to be a major feat since I have a huge television that is very heavy. I thought about waiting for a friend to come and help me however it then struck me that I need to get used to doing things on my own and how hard could it be to lift it anyway? After all just one of the movers was able to carry it several feet when I moved in here so how hard could it be? (He was a man though, and this does make a difference) So I get the bright idea to move the piano bench over beside the entertainment center that way I won't have to lift it down very far since it is so heavy. Well the piano bench is about 24 inches shorter than the entertainment center so I had no problem lifting the TV up slightly (more like sliding it down) and placing it DOWN on the piano bench, but then after moving the entertainment center it became painfully obvious that I did not have the strength to move it back UP the 24 inches to get it successfully back onto the entertainment center. It was at this moment I discovered that some jobs can only be accomplished by one person if that one person has the arm strength of a man (which I do not) and I should not start such jobs late at night so as to not wake up whomever I have to call to finish what I started. I couldn't leave the heavy television sitting on the piano bench all night so I then sheepishly had to get a neighbor to come over and help me lift it back up. I think for any future furniture moves I will buy an appliance and then rely on the kindness of the Lowe's delivery men to move whatever I need moved while they happen to be there to deliver my new appliance. This could get to be expensive though so I should just cut the redecorating down to once a year.

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