Monday, August 18, 2008

Need Advice?

NEED ADVICE? Current mood: exhausted
After yet another late night call to counsel and console yet another brokenhearted friend with the same words of wisdom that are always ignored I've decided to type it all up in a blog. I'm tired of losing sleep, those who know me well know that I suffer from insomnia so when I finally do get to sleep I'm not exactly thrilled at being interrupted. So to spare myself from future exhaustion I'm typing this. From now on when I get relationship advice calls I'm going to just simply say refer to the blog and hang up.
You know what I believe kills every potentially good relationship? When things are absolutely perfect, you've got the chemistry going, everything is great, all the initial nervousness is gone, usually reached within a few months, and then someone decides they must have "the talk" The where is this going talk, are you seeing anybody else talk. And once you've had that talk it's the point of no return and things aren't fun anymore. In my opinion many pitfalls could be avoided if this conversation never came up. If two people are into each other the likelihood of one actually cheating is very minimal, and when things feel that they are going great chances are good that they are, in fact, that great and there's no need to discuss it or psychoanalyze it, once you start doing this the fantasy begins to fade. And all of it initially boils down to the thought, "will he want to marry me someday or not?" I like the way it was in the old movies, when a woman knew the guy wanted to marry her because he surprised her with a ring. They have this romantic courtship throughout the whole movie and then the romantic climax when he surprises her with a diamond. There was none of this insane are you ever gonna marry me, are we exclusive to each other shit. No agonizing over the tone of his voice during the last phone call or the way he looked at you when he told you he loved you. I don't know how many times I've heard the "Well, he said he loved me but the look on his face said he didn't." WTF? In the movies he just whipped out a ring and she knew. Perfect. No drama, no bullshit. Wow, what a concept. That's pretty simple. This isn't rocket science.

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