Monday, August 17, 2009

The little things

Everybody has different preferences, and many are so engrained in our senses we won’t have it any other way. There are cat people or dog people; those who either prefer a White Castle burger or a Krystal, coffee with cream or no cream. I don’t really think these things are major issues, they can just pose a minor annoyance, especially when you are in a relationship with someone who has preferences opposite to what you do. They say opposites attract, which is true, but little annoyances such as these can eat away at the fabric of a relationship after several years go by if the foundation is not very secure in the first place. My ex was a White Castle eating dog lover who drank his coffee black, I am a Krystal eating cat lover who prefers my coffee with so much creamer in it that it looks like milk. At first these things weren’t a big deal, but as the relationship deteriorated they became big annoyances, just contributing to the underlying current of hatred that was brewing, just more lava building up under the surface for when the volcano finally erupted. I have a friend whose marriage is now ending, and the little differences such as these have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Arguments over where to eat, fighting over a pet, etc. have been impossible to overlook for them although at one time they were. Even though the relationship started to turn bitter long before, these things have just contributed to the demise of it that much sooner. The little things really do factor in to the big picture.


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Italo said...

Right, Miss STarbucks addict. I'm a dog lover, I like black caffè (not coffee, phylosophical difference :)). CIao, have a nice day.